Powhatan Nursing Home

"Where Caring Makes a Difference"

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in the dignity and worth of each individual.
  • We believe that each person has the right top retain and enhance his/her personal identity.
  • We believe that each person should be encouraged to retain or regain his independence.
  • We believe that the medical, social, physical, psychological and spiritual need of each person should be fulfilled.

Objectives:  to provide continuing care for those recovering for surgical and or medical disorders by:

  1. Assisting residents in reaching optimal physical and emotional health.
  2. Providing for the total physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of the patients.
  3. Assisting the aged toward an active participation in life.
  4. Providing rehabilitative services when the need exists.
  5. Working cooperatively with other community and social agencies.

Specific Goals:

  1. To continue to strive to be the best health care facility in northern Virginia.
  2. To be an example to our peers of professionalism -- currently informed, committed, concerned, creative and uncompromising in our principles.

Powhatan Nursing Home, is dedicated to reflect in all its activities the promotion of health and the advancement of growth for residents admitted to this institution, the personnel on our staff, and for all the people in our community directly and indirectly.

We therefore:

            Believe in the dignity of human person, recognizing that each person has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and rights and that these rights must be respected and cannot be violated.  This respect is reflected in the tireless efforts in this institution to serve and preserve life, and to prepare for its termination when death is inevitable through spiritual support, understanding and empathy.

            Determine that admission to this institution shall be based on the need for the type of care provided here, the environment most appropriate for the patient, and the availability of accommodations.  Type of care is determined by qualifications of the medical staff and personnel, facilities, and equipment needed to carry out services.

            Believe that this institution is entitled to payment for services rendered and the patient or his family assumes the responsibility for payment for these services as well as the supplies and equipment needed for his care and maintenance.

More than a Building..

One of the most prominent characteristics of Powhatan Nursing Home is the spirit of hope which is felt throughout our home and it's grounds.  Filled with flowers, and expansive areas of green grass, there is a sense of peacefulness in living at Powhatan. 

We feature three fully enclosed courtyards on our serene 7.5 acres of wooded land in Falls Church. Our large elegant main dining room allows for a personal dining experience at every meal. Our Activities Department, located centrally in the home, is a place filled with music and laughter. We offer spiritual support throughout our community.