Powhatan Nursing Home

"Where Caring Makes a Difference"

EY Connect Day

EY Connect Day was October 6, 2017. A letter of appreciation was written on behalf of EY’s Tysons office:

On behalf of EY’s Tyson office, I’d like to thank the Powhatan Nursing Home for opening its doors to our volunteers on our annual day of service, EY Connect Day.

We’ve since received such positive feedback from our people about their experience. 

At EY, community engagement is an integral part of our culture. We appreciate the opportunity to live our values by volunteering with you. Its’s through engaging with organizations like yours that we bring to life our firm’s purpose of building a better working world.

We value our relationship with Powhatan Nursing Home and we do hope to continue supporting you in the future.

Center of Excellence

On August 18, 2017, Capital Caring presented the Center of Excellence award to Bev Greene, the administrator at Powhatan Nursing Home, noting the facility’s commitment to caring for those facing advanced illness. The Centers of Excellence program, launched earlier this year, is a partnership between Capital Caring and select long-term care facilities recognized for providing world-class and compassionate end-of-life care. Organizations chosen as Centers of Excellence combine their own staff expertise in caring for others with additional education and training from Capital Caring’s clinical, spiritual, and emotional case management teams, all with the goal of simply improving care for individuals with advanced illnesses.

“It is fitting that we recognize our friends at Powhatan,” said Rev. Carolyn Richar, Executive Director of Capital Caring’s Arlington neighborhood. “Powhatan and Capital Caring first came together more than 30 years ago to provide hospice care for residents here. Facility-based hospice care began in Arlington here at Powhatan because of the foresight and concern for residents shared by the administrator at that time, J.T. Butler and Dr. Josefina Magno, who founded Capital Caring in 1977.”

“I remember meeting Dr. Magno way back when,” said Cyndi Butler, the daughter of the late J.T. Butler, and current owner of Powhatan Nursing Home. “Some of the nurses were nervous about what it would mean to provide hospice care here, but we are proud of our partnership with Capital Caring and know we have been able to provide incredible care for so many more of our residents than we otherwise could have done. I’m grateful for this award and for Capital Caring’s recognition.”

Avon 39 The walk to end Breast Cancer

On the morning of May 6th we arrived at 5:00 am in Washington D.C. to start our Avon 39 journey. It was dark, cold and drizzly but the atmosphere was positive and people seemed to be in good spirits. After so much training and fundraising we were excited and motivated by the great warm up session that got all of our muscles stretched and ready to go.
The walk took us throughout the streets of Washington D.C. from South West through Georgetown and eventually across the Maryland border and into Chevy Chase. This is where we stopped for the evening after walking nearly 26 miles.
Throughout the day we had amazing support from volunteers who cheered us on, kept us motivated, provided us snacks and of course, kept us safe when crossing some of the more treacherous intersections in Washington D.C.
Unfortunately, the weather was not so supportive and it rained for much of the first day. We were grateful for our waterproof ponchos that Kathy managed to locate at the Dollar Store.
Along with the volunteers, the mile signs definitely helped with our motivation. We were really motivated on passing the last sign of the day even though it was at the bottom of a really big hill that we had to climb in order to reach the base camp.
After eating and sleeping we started the second day in Chevy Chase, Maryland and were even more motivated than the first. We knew we just had to make it 14 miles to end our journey at Nationals Stadium in South West D.C.
We made the decision that we were going to reach our destination in less than four hours. Luckily the rain had stopped and the sun started to shine even though the day started out in the 40s and unseasonably cold for May. We made it to the Nationals Stadium by 11:00 am.
We stayed until all of the participants made it to the stadium and this was followed by a closing ceremony which was such a memorable and emotional experience for all of us. Meeting women who are in the middle of chemotherapy treatment and yet managed to complete the walk was a humbling experience to say the least.
As many of the Powhatan residents, staff, family members and friends have, not only followed our journey as we trained for the Avon 39 walk, but helped with our fundraising efforts along the way. We are so grateful and thank all of those who helped make this journey such a success. The Washington D.C. walk raised four million dollars which is an amazing amount of money and will really make a difference. Each person may have walked to honor different individuals but ultimately we all walked to make a difference to the breast cancer cause!